Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about our activities, If your question is not on the list please don’t hesitate to contact us

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What do I wear?

You need to bring swimwear, a towel and some shoes you can wear in the water. We will usually ask you to wear a wetsuit, but if it is warm you may not need a wetsuit and can go in shorts and t-shirt, so bring some spare clothes to change into. For safety you need to wear a buoyancy aid and helmet.

Will I get wet?

Yes, you will get wet as the sit on top kayaks have a hole in the bottom to allow the water to drain. You could also get splashed when kayaking. The sit on top kayaks are quite stable and if you do fall off it is easy to get back on again.

How many people will be there?

This can vary depending on the session you book for. The regular sessions have up to 6 people learning to kayak, with 2 instructors on the water and an assistant on the land to help you with the equipment. There may also be parents, carers and personal assistants of the other participants.

What if it is bad weather?

We will not run the kayaking sessions if we feel that it is unsafe to go on the water. However, we carry on if it is raining or a bit windy. If in extreme weather we need to postpone the session, we would let you know at least 2 days before.

Is it suitable for beginners?

Definitely – these sessions are designed for complete beginners who want to try something new. We have had lots of experience taking beginners kayaking and lots of them come back to do more. If you have been kayaking before, please get in touch to discuss your experience and find the session that suits you best.

Can people watch?

Clowance is a private estate with other guests staying on the site. So, it would be best to come with one or two family members or support workers only. Visitors are welcome to come and watch or get a drink in the restaurant while you have fun on the water. Hayle is a public beach with open access, so bring as many supporters as you like!

Is it wheelchair friendly?

Both Clowance and Hayle are accessible by wheelchair. We advise that you get in touch to discuss your individual needs before you book onto a session. Most wheelchairs will not make it onto the beach; however, we can transfer you to a beach wheelchair to get you over the sand and into the kayak.

Do I have to book in my parents/carers as well?

Only if they need to go on the water with you. We only have 6 spaces on the water in each session. These can be in a double kayak with another person. We’d prefer to offer these to people with additional needs. However, parents/carers are welcome to watch and help with changing. Please call to have a chat about your specific needs if you feel that it would be important for you to have further assistance on the water.